Connecting and doing more face to face
Do more through shared interests or hobbies
by Blandine Obale
05 Aug, 2019

Do more through shared interests or hobbies

Find something that you enjoy doing and network with people who share the same or similar interests. Joint a meet group to build your network. Schedule social meet-ups and get people involved in your hobby or take part in theirs also. They could be neighbours, friends, family, or total strangers who just happen to share your interests. This way, everyone gets to do something they enjoy and learn something new that they might end up enjoying. There are many activities to choose from. Choose the activities that give you and the people in your network the opportunity to connect and do more face to face. It could be anything from a dinner party, an outdoor sporting event, or a coffee catch-up.

Schedule social meet-ups in advance

If you already have a network of friends, schedule fortnightly, monthly or quarterly social meet-ups, whatever works best for the people in your group. Umeand makes it easy to schedule social meet-ups with groups of friends by allowing your friends to vote for their preferred date and time. Use your Umeand group page to invite new people to join events and discussions at any time. Expand your network by encouraging friends to invite others. If one friend brings a new person each time you meet, the group will expand and everyone will get to know someone new and maybe even make a few new friends.

Start a conversation with someone you don’t know

For some, this comes naturally; for others, it takes practice. After a while, it will become second nature. My best advice is to speak clearly so people find it easy to listen to you. Listen to others so that you can respond appropriately. Some people just speak then wait to reply, paying no attention to what others are saying. I’m guilty of this myself and I’m working on it. Don’t let the people who talk too much overwhelm you. Everyone has something to say that’s worth hearing. Don’t fear silences; you don’t have to fill every gap in the conversation. Take your time to think through your thoughts on what you want to say before sharing your views. If stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy, start with a smaller group. For example, invite a couple of friends out to dinner or start an exercise regimen. Ask them to each bring one friend who you do not know as a way of getting to know other people.

Team Umeand