How to manage your poll settings
  • We have made it easy for you to choose how you want your participants to vote. After completing the ‘schedule a meet-up’ field, choose your poll setting preferences from the dropdown list.
  • Edit vote – allows your participants the option to change their vote or comments any time before the poll’s expiration date.
  • Hidden Poll – allows your participants to hide their votes and comments from other participants. This is useful for when you don’t want your participants’ votes to be influenced by other participants. Only you, the account admin, would be able to see the votes in your dashboard area. Your participants will only see their own vote.
  • Yes, No – by default a tick box in the checkbox is a “Yes”, an indication that the date and time is suitable, blank checkboxes means unsuitable.
  • Ask your participants for their contact details – allows participants to add their preferred contact number so they are easy to reach if needed.
  • Set expiration date – setting an expiration date will inform your participants when they need to share their vote by. Your participants will not be able to vote after the poll has expired. It is always advisable to set expiration date.
  • Set vote notification – tick this box if you do not want to receive vote notifications every time a participantvote. By ticking ‘set vote notification’ you will be able to view participants’ votes from your dashboard only. This will limit the number of emails you will receive from Umeand regarding your meet-up poll.
  • Allow participants to leave comments – if you want participants to leave comments tick this box.