Business account overview

Bring your team together with Umeand Business Account

Make Umeand an essential communications tool in your company for collaboration, and the simplest way for you and your teams to communicate and share specific meeting information all in one place. Save time on scheduling meetings, bring your team together face-to-face, and work more effectively as a team. 

Umeand Business is available for Businesses to try for free for 30 days. A Business Account is managed by a designated Account Owner. The creator of a Business Account is, by default, the Account Owner. To sign up for a Business account, an Account Owner and a Group Admin are required. 

For every project

  • Keep track of projects and information all in one place
  • Share tasks, pin and share key information with teams for quick reference
  • Collaborate with video or voice conference call
  • Add meeting attendees anytime with easy to share group page and poll link
  • Quickly view, share ideas, and edit document all in one place

For every meeting

  • Make scheduling meetings engaging and collaborative
  • Keep track of meetings attendees with meeting groups
  • Keep ongoing collaboration with teams and external clients
  • Keep track of all meeting documents with document repository

Company Dashboard

The Company Dashboard is where teams are managed. It is the central repository for your company, and is visible to Account Owner, Group Admin and Account Admin. It is where you create teams and assign a Group Admin to a team dashboard. From your Company Dashboard, you will able to:

- Add and remove admins
- Add and delete team dashboards
- View all team dashboards
- See the number of group pages on a team dashboard
- See the number of members on a group page

Team dashboard

The Team Dashboard is the meeting repository where all polls, both closed and open, are stored. From here, you can edit polls, access group pages, share poll links, and navigate to other pages. Team Dashboards can only be accessed by assigned members of the team.

Role of a Group Admin

A Group Admin is a colleague assigned on your Business Account as a Umeand “Scheduler”. Group Admin can schedule unlimited meetings and manage group pages from their own team dashboard.

User and Role Access to Billing Information

You can control access to billing information by giving access to an Account Admin to manage your Account Settings, Payment Methods or Company Dashboard. 

Branding and Customisation

Umeand Business enables businesses to customise their Company Dashboard, Team Dashboards and Group Pages. This can be done by adding the company logo, changing the background colour, or adding texture to these pages. These customisation options can be set up by the Account Owner in the Account Settings page. See how to set up own branding for more information.

Transfer Business Ownership to an Account Admin

At Umeand Business, we understand that sometimes people move roles within a company or leave the company altogether. In the instance that you need to transfer ownership to an Account Admin, this can be done from your subscription page.