How to use your Contacts Dashboard
  • Log in to your account
  • From the ‘Your Account’ menu, click Contact to access your Contact Dashboard

To create a meeting group

  • - Click ‘Create Meeting Group’ on your dashboard
  • - Enter name of your Meeting Group

To add members

  • Click “Add Members” to access your contacts
  • Tick the names of the members you wish to include in your Meeting Group and click ‘Create’
  • The name of your Meeting Group will be listed on your Contact Meeting Groups Dashboard

To edit a meeting group

  • Click on the name of the Meeting Group on your Meeting Group Dashboard
  • To change the name of the group, click on the name and retype the new name of your Meeting Group
  • To remove a member, un-tick their name
  • To add new members, click “Add Members”, then tick the names of the contacts you wish to add

To add your Gmail contacts on your Umeand account

  • Click ‘contacts’ from your account menu dropdown
  • From your contacts dashboard click ‘Gmail migration’
  • A ‘sign in with Google’ dialog box will open
  • Log into your Gmail account
  • Once logged in, a dialog box from Quickstart to access your Google account will open up
  • Click ‘allow’ to proceed
  • You will see a screen that say ‘connect account’s ID’ - click ‘sync now’ to add your Gmail contacts to your Umeand account
  • Click ‘add a new Gmail account’ to add contacts from your other email accounts, if you have more than one Gmail account